Wednesday, 10 April 2013


For the word glasses on illustration friday I have decided to draw half a girl's face who is wearing sunglasses in Corel Draw. Here are some thumbnails i started out with.

Next I choose the second thumbnail and brought it into Corel Draw.

Than using the Bezie tool i started to draw out my vector image. I started out with the shape of the face and neck and i used the colour mixers to get the right skin tone colour.

Afterwards still using the bezie tool, I started drawing out the  sun glasses.

Next I drew out the mouth. It was a bit difficult to get it all the right shape and I may adjust it later.

Next I drew out the shape of the hair and adjusted the lips by making them one shape instead of two and they turned out much better.

In this step I used the bezie tool to draw out teeth than i used the artistic brush tool to draw out different coloured strands of hair. And I used the brush to also draw out her nose.

Afterwards, I used The bezie tool to add a highlight to the lens of the glasses and the artistic brush tool to add highlights to her lips and glasses.

Finally I added in a rectangle for the background and I added fountain fill to the rectangle to put it all together. 

This is my final photo.

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