Friday, 5 April 2013

Whisper Graphics

For The Word Whisper I decided to do an abstract image in photoshop, so I started out with some thumbnails for my design.

In the end I wended up going with my first thumbnail as so i opened up photoshop and started to work on my design. I started with a black fill on the background and than I used the pen too to make individual lines after which I added a brush stroke to the pen lines. Than I added an outer glow and a rainbow gradient using the Fx pannel.

Than I cose a futuristic font with which I wrote the word Graphics. Than I added a rainbow gradient, a colour overlay and an outer glow to the font to make it match my neon lines.

And finally I duplicated my layer and renamed it. Than I added a motion blur to the text  using my blur options in Photoshop. Than I moved the blurred text down to make the word Graphics look 3D and I was finished.

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