Sunday, 14 April 2013


For the Word wool I was thinking of drawing some sheep It took me a while to find out what exactly I wanted to draw. But finally I came up with some thumbnails.

I choose the bottom thumbnail for my digital drawing and i decided to do it in Corel Draw X6. So I took my thumbnail into Corel and I started to draw.

I started off with the bezier tool and I drew out the skin tones for the sheep and the boy adding a 2pt stroke and finding the right tones I wanted with the colour mixers. I used the shape tool to create circles for the boys hands and fingers than I combine them into one shape creating hands.

In the following step I worked on the wool and and the boy's clothes. I used the bezier tool to draw out the lines and the shape too to get the right curves for the wool and clothes. Than I added a fill colour to them. I also drew out the sheep's hooves in this step.

In the next step I used the shape tool and drew out the eyes of the sheep and the nostrils. Than I used the bezier tool to make the exclamation mark above the sheep's head and the boys mouth.

Afterwards I used the artistic brush tool to draw in the sheep's eyebrows, folds in the sheep's ears, curls in the wool, the boys eyes, and creases in his clothes. And than I added in some gradients to the skin tones of both the sheep and the boy and also the exclamation mark.

In the following step I lowered the boys eyes and than drew him some eyebrows with the artistic brush tool and some hair with the bezier tool. Than I added a few more gradients to the boys clothes and I drew in the thread of wool going from the sheep to the boy.

In the final step I deleted my thumbnail template, and decided to create a background for my drawing. I used two big rectangles and I filled them with gradients, one for the ground and one for the sky. Than I used the artistic brush tool and created little pieces of grass on the ground and I copied and pasted them all over the ground. And finally I used the shape tool to create 3 circles and a triangle than I selected all of them and I used the merge button at the top to merge them and create clouds.

This is my final Drawing

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